I love to capture joyful moments in an easeful way, capturing movement and emotion, frame by frame as it unfolds.

I work a lot with film, it has such texture and intentionality, a sense of nostalgia. It’s the truth of a moment, unaltered and unedited, real, raw and unrushed. I always shoot everything manually so that I’m right there, capturing the moment, wrapped up in the magic. Not directing, just observing and being, holding space for you to celebrate the spirit of your relationship. Capturing this chapter in your lives, as it is.

I'm right there -
wrapped up in the magic

My approach to photography reflects my ethos to living - I believe in conscious parenting and trusting my intuition, family always comes first. Mindful motherhood is about finding the beauty in the most mundane moments. The cherished morning coffee and embracing the chaos. It’s picking wildflowers, collecting pinecones, river swimming and mountain picnicking, creating crafts and soaking up afternoon naps, tumbling into bed together and taking time to simply be with my children.

It’s crazy and chaotic yet so beautiful all at once. I’m embracing this chapter of my life, taking the slices of calm as they come, the cup of tea by the window, stroking their hair as they fall asleep in my arms. It’s not always picture perfect but it’s real and I’m present. It’s imperfect yet playful, the flexibility and flow of the everyday.

And this is also the shape of my work. It’s creative and authentic, there’s more presence and less posing. It’s about the unseen moments, the roots of marriage, family and the beauty in the inbetween. I only take a handful of couples each year, nurturing my relationships and truly getting to know you, offering a nourishing space where I can create something natural and real.

The experience is intimate and authentic, showing a sense of who you are and what you care about, uncovering your chapter with honesty and intention.

I am so excited to hear your story and to capture it wholeheartedly.

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