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The experience of working together is a little different for families and weddings but the ethos is always the same. Simply come as you are and I’ll capture what I see. Adventure, intimacy and authenticity is woven into every moment. I’m right there, watching and waiting for the magic - when the time is right and the muse strikes.

Photography with Authenticity and Intentionality

03. conNection

Once I receive your initial enquiry, I like to have an in-depth consultation over the phone. This allows me to answer your questions and to truly connect, understanding your unique dynamic and vision for what you want me to capture. Together we collaborate and co-create mood boards to bring your ideas to life. My quiet, understated approach allows me to be present, getting to know your personalities and uncovering your story from our very first chat.

On the day we start slowly, getting to know each other and ensuring you’re comfortable in front of the camera. So many of my couples and clients are nervous about feeling a little awkward but you’re not alone. Embrace your quirks and step out of your head to trust the experience. The magic is in the meaning and the in-between, the moments that actually unfolded, that often go unseen. The use of natural light is really important to me, so I’ll be soaking up the sunlight and chasing sunsets, working with the gift of nature. I give guidance and gentle direction to encourage interaction and intimacy. I won’t ask you to pose but I might ask you to pause, to linger a little longer in the light, offering loose direction and allowing things to unfold organically.

After the shoot I love to share a couple of teasers with you, to give you a hint of what we have created together. Following that the timescales vary but the communication is always considered. I promise to update you and create something true to you. 

01. Consultation

02. capture

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My ethos and approach are a little different according to the different dynamics and distinctive story. I’m always curious about what we can learn from children – they won’t always behave, they often don’t look at the camera and in truth, that’s not how you’ll remember them. Whether it’s a family or couple shoot, the same applies – to keep it natural and playful, just be in the moment and everything I capture will be real. Your images won’t be like a styled shoot, they will be the moments you might not have even considered, that’s where the connection lies. Unplanned, unposed and imperfectly you.

A Unique Ethos

Whether you’re a family or a couple, come prepared for play and adventure, embracing the presence and vulnerability of this space. Your role plays a big part in the images, so stay present, be imperfect and let wild hearts run free. We are a partnership and a friendship, Don’t consider me a supplier but someone by your side, a confidante or a friend, simply walking beside you and capturing what I see. This allows me to be trusted to see you exactly as you are, mindfully and authentically, giving you images rich with meaning and emotion. Come walk with me a while – it’s my privilege to be your witness.

The Experience